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Confused investors turn to the monthly ArabianMoney private-circulation newsletter

Confused as an investor? Take heart you are not alone. What about the followers of Dennis Gartman recently. He turned negative on stocks while they fell 10 per cent and then after a five per…
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Swiss gold referendum likely to pass and send prices higher says Julius Baer’s Burkhard Varnholt

Swiss private bank Julius Baer’s chief investment officer Burkhard Varnholt told ArabianMoney that the gold referendum in Switzerland (click here) is likely to pass and that will send gold prices much higher next year…
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Former Fed chairman Alan Greenspan says gold prices are going up ‘measurably’

Former Fed chairman Alan Greenspan told the New Orleans Investment Conference last weekend that the gold price was going ‘higher’ over the next five years and when asked how much higher he responded ‘measurably’.
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Posted on 30 October 2014 Categories: Gold & Silver

Peter Schiff defends his call for $5,000 an ounce gold

Over the past few years Peter Schiff has consistently predicted that gold was heading higher, and has consistently been proved wrong. He still thinks he is right and is prepared to stand up to his…
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Posted on 29 October 2014 Categories: Gold & Silver, Investment Gurus, Video Channel

Yes vote in an early lead in the Swiss referendum to boost gold to 20% of total currency reserves

The Swiss financial establishment must be in a state of shock after an early poll put 45 per cent in favor of raising gold to 20 per cent of national currency reserves and just 39…
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Posted on 23 October 2014 Categories: Gold & Silver

Nelson Hunt the man who took silver to $50 an ounce in 1980 dies aged 88

Nelson Bunker Hunt, the Texan oil billionaire whose cornering of the silver market in the late 70s took the silver price to what is still its all-time high of $50 an ounce has died at…
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Posted on 23 October 2014 Categories: Gold & Silver

Wildest day in four years on bond markets last Wednesday and a ‘flash crash’ so what next?

Bond markets are supposed to be safe havens as equities sell-off but not so last week. On Wednesday there was a ‘flash crash’ in yields with 10-year treasury yields falling 34bps to 1.84 per cent,…
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Gold price touches five-week high of $1,250 as Indian religious buying forecast to almost double this season

Gold prices have rebounded to a five-week high of $1,250 as Diwali, the festival of lights celebrated by more than 800 million Hindus is feted on Wednesday in India, a religious holiday said to be…
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Posted on 21 October 2014 Categories: Gold & Silver

All the world’s gold to be confiscated and buried in Switzerland by 2020 argues Jim Rickards

In what pretends to be a history looking back from the future ‘Currency Wars’ author and fund manager Jim Rickards argues that by 2020 all the gold of the G-20 nations will be confiscated and…
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What are professional investors saying about the global sell-off and should you care?

A round-up of diverse statements from professional investors by Bloomberg ‘Money Clip’. Host Adam Johnson reports on market volatility. That’s not the issue. You don’t need a Nobel Prize to know markets have been falling…
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