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Wildest day in four years on bond markets last Wednesday and a ‘flash crash’ so what next?

Bond markets are supposed to be safe havens as equities sell-off but not so last week. On Wednesday there was a ‘flash crash’ in yields with 10-year treasury yields falling 34bps to 1.84 per cent,…
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Gold price touches five-week high of $1,250 as Indian religious buying forecast to almost double this season

Gold prices have rebounded to a five-week high of $1,250 as Diwali, the festival of lights celebrated by more than 800 million Hindus is feted on Wednesday in India, a religious holiday said to be…
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Posted on 21 October 2014 Categories: Gold & Silver

All the world’s gold to be confiscated and buried in Switzerland by 2020 argues Jim Rickards

In what pretends to be a history looking back from the future ‘Currency Wars’ author and fund manager Jim Rickards argues that by 2020 all the gold of the G-20 nations will be confiscated and…
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What are professional investors saying about the global sell-off and should you care?

A round-up of diverse statements from professional investors by Bloomberg ‘Money Clip’. Host Adam Johnson reports on market volatility. That’s not the issue. You don’t need a Nobel Prize to know markets have been falling…
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Don’t wait for deflation to buy gold and silver as price gains stick and US dollar slips

Is this all about a weaker US dollar? Or are gold and silver just acting as natural safe havens in troubled markets? Those awaiting deflation before buying the precious metals may just be missing the…
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Posted on 16 October 2014 Categories: Gold & Silver, Investment Gurus, US Dollar, Video Channel

Sudden weakness in US dollar could be a cause for concern

A sudden weakening of the US dollar across the board has analysts scratching their heads. What’s up with the global reserve currency? Is the low yield on US treasuries beginnning to scare some holders away?…
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10-year T-bond yields drop below 2% as stock sell-off continues

CNBC’s Rick Santelli reports on the major action in bonds, after the 10-Year yield fell below two per cent. Is this a capitulation bottom for yields before the bond market really blows up?
These are…
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Posted on 15 October 2014 Categories: Bond Markets, Gold & Silver, US Dollar, US Stocks, Video Channel

Gold and silver rise again as US stocks slump and Citi warns of more severe corrections

Gold and silver retraced recent losses and moved forward again as the main US stock markets resumed their downward tumble. It is already getting hard to keep pace with this swiftly evolving picture but the…
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Bond market crash is the biggest worry for the Bank of International Settlements

A sudden and precipitous fall in the bond market is the biggest worry at the Bank of International Settlements, the central bank for the central banks based in Basel, according to Guy Debelle, head of…
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Four week high for gold as its safe haven status boosts demand

A month ago and the gold bears looked triumphant. Since then they’ve been in retreat as global stocks have pulled back. So too have many commodities but that has not dented the appeal of gold…
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Posted on 14 October 2014 Categories: Gold & Silver, Video Channel

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