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Gold shares leaving bear market now explains analyst Mike Swanson

Shares in gold producers bottomed out at the end of last year and are just about to confirm their exit from a bear market explains stock analyst Mike Swanson in this video. Anybody who wants…
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Posted on 04 March 2015 Categories: Gold & Silver, Video Channel

Why Dennis Gartman thinks the dollar, oil and gold will go higher

Dennis Gartman, The Gartman Letter, hones in on gold prices, currency wars and crude oil. The dollar and gold look the top currency picks while oil won’t stay low forever.
Still does that leave much…
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Posted on 03 March 2015 Categories: Gold & Silver, Oil & Gas, US Dollar, US Stocks, Video Channel

Wall Street traders suddenly turn very positive on gold stocks

If the US dollar is heading higher is that not bad news for gold? Not necessarily, these two currencies do sometimes trade in step as they are now.
Suddenly that has gotten normally anti-gold Wall…
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Posted on 01 March 2015 Categories: Gold & Silver, Sovereign Wealth Funds, US Stocks, Video Channel

Futurologist Martin Armstrong forecast $5,000 gold for 2016 just over five years ago

Futurologist, economist and business cycle expert Martin Armstrong forecast ‘$5,000+’ an ounce gold on November 7th 2009 more than five years ago (click here). His thesis has long been that it would not be…
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Posted on 25 February 2015 Categories: Gold & Silver

US Justice Department and CFTC investigates rigging of precious metal prices

The US Department of Justice and the Commodity Futures Trading Commission are investigating 10 major banks for possible rigging of precious-metals markets, reported the Wall Street Journal.
Goldbugs could hardly believe their ears after years…
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Posted on 25 February 2015 Categories: Gold & Silver

Will Janet Yellen hint at a hold back in raising US interest rates boosting gold?

The Federal Reserve chair will deliver two days of testimony on Capitol Hill starting Tuesday. Ward McCarthy, Jefferies chief economist, and Joseph Lavorgna, Deutsche Bank chief economist, discuss when the Fed could hike rates, and…
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Gold rebounds from support levels will it ever be this cheap again?

Gold prices have bounced back from $1,180 support levels and could soon be on a tear as investors shy away from other asset classes which have become overvalued.
Jeff Kilburg of KKM Financial, makes the…
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Posted on 24 February 2015 Categories: Gold & Silver, Hedge Funds, Investment Gurus, Video Channel

Crack up boom to continue for global stocks and take gold higher too?

With eurozone money printing due to start next month and the Bank of Japan continuing to print more per capita than at the height of Fed QE, there is good reason to think the ‘crack…
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Technical charts say its time to buy gold stocks

Gold falls on the Greek deal. Is now the time to get in? Actually that was about a month ago if you look a these charts. Things are beginning to happen in the technical charts…
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Why it’s great to be an Australian gold miner again as costs tumble

Gold mining stocks bottomed out nicely in the technical charts at the end of last year and fundamentals like lower energy costs and weaker currencies are helping to boost profits now. Is it time to…
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Posted on 19 February 2015 Categories: Gold & Silver, Investment Management, Personal Finance, US Stocks, Video Channel

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